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At Cataract Consultants, our goal is simple – we want to improve your quality of life by providing specific vision care suited uniquely to you.

No one patient is the same; therefore, our approach to maintaining your eye health is as individualized as you are.


Innovation, quality, and care – the choice is clear!

Dr. Laura Harris and her Cataract Consultants team are equipped with the best and latest technology in surgery and eye care so you can feel confident sending your patients our way.

As a board-certified, fellowship-trained ophthalmologist and surgeon, Dr. Harris provides outstanding diagnosis and superior surgical treatment of cataracts and related eye conditions. You will rest easy knowing your patients are in good hands.

Don’t lose sight of your beautiful life.

Improve your vision through cataract surgery.

Cataracts will cloud your vision and can make your world less vivid. As cataracts advance in severity, blurry vision will inhibit your ability to perform routine tasks. While cataracts come naturally with aging, modern technology provides multiple options to overcome vision loss so you can keep doing those things you love.

Cataract surgery is so commonplace that 3 million success stories are performed in the United States each ear! Why shouldn’t you be one
of them?

Rejuvenate your vision today with Dr. Harris and her expert team at Cataract Consultants! 

Ready to experience a sharper and more vibrant world?

Bladeless Cataract surgery can help.

Dr. Laura Harris has over 20 years of experience helping her patients regain their vision and control of their lives. Clarifying your world and simplifying your future is what Dr. Harris works to accomplish for every patient.

The team at Cataracts Consultants uses state of the art technology, including âLenSx Laser surgery, to provide the best experience and unparalleled results.