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Successful cataract surgery often depends on a strong collaboration between optometrists, patients, and their surgeons. Our goal is to work with providers to renew the precious gift of sight to the optimal level for all who entrust us with their vision.

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At Cataracts Consultants, we provide elite care with precision results. With our unique approach to compassionate patient care, Dr. Laura Harris and her expert team offer the most comprehensive surgical care in the Wilmington area. We are passionate about providing the best quality care for our patients.

We offer customizable and compassionate cataract surgery options that will ensure that you and your patients are completely comfortable, and while in the care of Cataract Consultants.

As a provider, you are getting your patients one step closer to a fuller and brighter life by connecting them with the Wilmington area’s top cataract surgeon. Dr. Harris and her highly trained team have a mission to rejuvenate their patient’s vision. At Cataracts Consultants, our goal is simple – we want to improve our patient’s quality of life by providing specific vision care suited uniquely to each individual. No one patient is the same; therefore, our approach to maintaining eye and vision health is as individualized as they are!

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