One of the main services we provide at Cataracts Consultants is cataract-removal surgery. This surgery transforms vision and improves the quality of life. Our advanced cataract surgery services allow Dr. Harris to customize your procedure with your wants and needs along with the goal of reducing your dependency on glasses or contact lenses. 

To understand the surgery services we provide, it is important to truly understand cataracts. 

What are Cataracts?

A leading cause of visual loss in older adults, a cataract occurs when the natural lens of the eye becomes clouded. This can occur in one or both eyes, though it cannot be transferred or spread from one eye to another. When a cataract obstructs the lens, it cannot focus properly on images, resulting in blurred or dull objects.

This condition cannot be prevented or corrected by medication – the most effective way to treat a cataract is through surgery to completely replace the old, clouded lens with a new, artificial lens. For most patients, this surgery completely transforms their vision and dramatically improves their quality of life.


There are several common signs that a patient has developed a cataract, including:

  • Cloudy or blurry vision
  • Poor night vision
  • Difficulty with glare — headlights, lamps, or sunlight may appear too bright, or a halo may appear around lights
  • Double vision or multiple images in one eye
  • Frequent prescription changes in your eyeglasses or contact lenses

A routine eye exam, performed by a primary eye care doctor, will reveal if a cataract is present. The primary eye care doctor can refer you to Dr. Harris for a comprehensive cataract evaluation, at which time she will offer her expert opinion for treatment options. 

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Treatment Methods

Following a cataract diagnosis, several treatment options are available to patients, depending on the severity of their cataracts.

At Cataract Consultants, our goal is to restore vision using the most appropriate treatment method for each individual’s needs. 

While the most apparent benefit of cataract-removal surgery is improved vision, some of the other advantages include: 

  • Enhanced quality of life. 
  • Increased independence. 
  • Improved self-confidence.

According to the National Institutes of Health, cataract surgery is one of the most common operations performed in the United States. It is also one of the safest and most effective types of surgery. An estimated 90% of patients experience better vision following cataract removal.

Are you ready to become one of those patients and improve your quality of life today?




Identifying Cataracts with these Six Warning Signs

Identifying Cataracts with these Six Warning Signs

Cataracts will progressively worsen over time, so it’s crucial to understand what cataracts are and educate yourself about the stages of progression. Truly understanding will help you treat symptoms early and help slow the progression of cataracts.

Cataract FAQ’s

Cataract FAQ’s

These are some of our most commonly received questions about cataracts and cataract surgery. Keep reading for some frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) about cataracts and cataract surgery and maybe get some of your questions answered in the process!